Autumn Candle Tins

Pumpkin spice, autumn leaves, cinnamon, & Halloween! Getting ready for one of the most fun seasons has just gotten easier with our Fall tins, a pack of 24 tin-coated steel candle holders, painted in the heartwarming colors of ochre, orange, red, & green. Make your fall candles, store it in the tins, pop the lid, & light the wicks for a soothing and snuggle-worthy night. Don’t want to use all 24 pieces for candles? There are other ways to maximize & incorporate smart thanksgiving décor. Try chocolates, nuts, & little candies to leave in the living room for your guests. It’s still fall in a can.

There’s a multitude of ways to decorate with these subtle home improvement secrets. Use one as a simple yet eye-catching centerpiece with your newly crafted candle or stack them in a pyramid & stash baubles. Place them on the coffee table, on a corner rack, or any spot that needs a little beautification. They’re also easy to clean and durable, so maintenance is no-fuss. Get a pack today and start living in an Insta-worthy home!

Easy to Decorate
Affordable Price
Functional Storage Pieces
Very Low Maintenance

What’s Included
(6) Ochre Candle Tins 8oz.
(6) Orange Candle Tins 8oz.
(6) Red Candle Tins 8oz.
(6) Green Candle Tins 8oz.



  • FALL CANDLE TINS – Get into the holiday spirit with our red, green, orange, and ochre Premium Fall Candle Tins! They’ll hold your favorite scented candles or holiday treats, and amplify any room with autumn coziness. Who said trick-or-treating had to stop? Use these elegant tins as party decorations to hold gifts and goodies for your friends they’re bound to love.
  • MULTIPURPOSE DECOR – After autumn, these fall candle tins will be a joy to keep. We love using them as candle jars, but our tin cans with lids may be used for other things. With these tin cans, you can now store candy, buttons, jewelry, craft supplies, or many small items in plain sight and easy reach. Whether for bedroom décor or other areas, they’ll never feel out of place as fall décor for home.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, GREAT VALUE – Get 24 candle tin cans at an affordable price! Our tin-coated steel is durable and highly resistant to rusting, making it ideal for candles and soaps. The versatility of our tins allows for a wide range of possible holiday gift ideas and uses for your fall tins.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – (6) Red Candle Tins, (6) Green Candle Tins, (6) Orange Candle Tins, (6) Ochre Candle Tins


What size are these tins?
These tins are 1.75” x 3.25” and have a diameter of 2.25”. They have a maximum capacity of approximately 8 ounces depending on the wax or contents.

What are these made of?
These tins are made of a seamless piece of tin-coated steel and painted with a premium finish for beauty and durability.

Do these tins come with lids?
Yes. Each one comes with a lid made of the same premium tinplate that fits snuggly and securely in place.

How large are the tins?
These tins can carry items up to 8oz. If you’re using them for candles, it’s better to leave some space at the top for the wicks.