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What is Galentine’s Day and 5 Ways to Celebrate It

Galentine’s Day is proof of how reality can take cues from fiction in positive ways. It honors friendship, especially among females, a rare event in most societies. It’s a subtle yet positive reflection of the change in essential relationships’ ideals, expanding beyond the family.

Wondering if you and your friends can join in the fun? Of course, you can! Get to know more about the holiday so you can genuinely celebrate friendship, and the meaning behind the holiday, with some of the people who mean the most to you.

How Galentine’s Began

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Galentine’s Day? The name “Galentine’s Day” was first coined on the comedy series Parks and Recreation, by the character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. Knope was the person who was the constantly cheerful and over-eager giver of the group, who wore her heart on her sleeve. In showing her appreciation for her friends, she birthed “Galentine’s Day.”

Held on the 13th of February, the holiday is often spent by women among women friends over drinks and brunch, usually with waffles. Whether single, married, or with a partner, the ladies take time out from life and male companions to come together and bond. Today, the holiday has become widely accepted globally and feels just as much a real holiday as Valentine’s.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s

Plan time with your closest friends! Should it be just for the women? It’s up to you! While it’s meant to celebrate the empowerment of camaraderie among women, men and the LGBTQ+ can join in the fun, too! If your friendship with them has helped you become the woman you are today, then, by all means, include them. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

Go Traditional

With the popularity it has gained over the decade, you won’t have to worry about the 13th falling on a weekday, whose place you’d have to go, or who has a waffle maker. Bars now drink to Galentine’s, too! Yes, some also serve waffles to commemorate the Day. Have breakfast and booze after work. It’s the best celebration there is.

Have Dinner at Home

What is Galentine’s Day to you? It can mean the comfort of a quiet place where you’re free to talk and do whatever you want with your favorite people. You share a homecooked meal or dishes you ordered from a beloved restaurant. It’s peace of mind, knowing you’re in a safe and welcoming environment. It’s even better when you have it all to yourself.

Make Scented Candles Together

They make great gifts because there’s a lot of room for creativity, they’re easy to personalize, and they’re practical. Get together for an afternoon of art and fun as you make gifts for each other, which you can exchange afterward. If you enjoy it so much, you can include making presents for your families, and even your coworkers. Share the love!

Have a Watch Party

When you can’t get together, be it by distance or health safety precautions, you can still spend some good quality bonding virtually. Watch a movie or binge a series that everyone can get on board with. This setup’s advantage is that everyone gets to choose their food instead of agreeing on what to share.

Join a Virtual Class

If food is the shared love that’s the glue of your squad, join an online class together so you can cook in your own kitchens. You’ll have all the space you need, and no one will be fighting over ingredients or equipment. Share the common goal of fitness? Pick a virtual exercise class, and prepare your workout gear.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, pick an activity the entire group will love. Create more memories to look back on, and cherish. Those will serve as your personal answer to the question, “What is Galentine’s Day?” No matter how busy life gets, always make time for the people important to you. Years down the road, you’ll be glad you did.

3 Romantic Candle Scents Great for Valentine’s

One simple item to your décor could be what defines your at-home date this year from a lovely evening to a memorable one. The scented candle. Don’t just go for any but put some thought into choosing by knowing which fragrances would be perfect for your date. There’s also a bonus tip at the end of which ones to avoid because, yes, not all scents are suitable for Valentine’s day candles.


1. Rose

Is there any scent that’s more romantic? Imagine a room lightly scented with the aroma of this delicate flower. It conjures up images of bouquets and soft petals strewn around, with neither the mess nor extra expense from having to buy such a number.

Floral scents are such timeless classics and longtime favorites, whether for perfume or candles for Valentine’s. They’re not only loved for their fragrance, but they’re also known to be effective in romance. It certainly justifies their place as a top seller as a go-to for love, dating, and rekindling those flames. Other popular floral options are lavender, magnolia, and peony.


2. Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl

This sweet smell represents the saccharine joy of a new love in its young phase. Both cinnamon and vanilla are known for stoking the fires of passion so use it with care, like saving it for Valentine’s day candles. Arrange date night early to ensure a long and relaxing but loving time together, even if you celebrate well into the early hours of the Day of Hearts.

Looking for other sugary fragrances isn’t hard but not all necessarily have the same effect as vanilla. What’s important is that it conveys your naturally sweet disposition that your date is attracted to, and they’ll fall head over heels again. Too much on its own? It also makes a great accompaniment with other kinds of scents like muskier base notes, or light floral ones.


3. Amber

Get a reaction from your date in the range of a jaw drop to ooh la la. Make this year’s Valentine’s a little spicier. These scents match those with a fiery character perfectly, but it has a generally strong appeal for special occasions. It’s a particular favorite when you’re looking for an amorous time with your significant other, or a romantic tryst.

Because of their deeper smell, they’re typically blended with other scents. Combine it with a sweet fragrance to balance steamy with flirty to resemble a more playful nature, but candles for Valentine’s day is the best way to switch it up to your scent for something new. Opt for stronger scents with a slight bite for a sultry kickoff to your Heart’s Day, and set those hearts racing.


Extra Tip: Keep Away from Citrus Scents

Clean scents are attractive on most days, but smelling like a toilet cleaner or air freshener would kill the romantic mood. Create a complex mix of fragrances that complement each other if you insist on sneaking a bit of tang in there. Don’t just add other layers of notes, but partner it with a different aroma to temper the sharp smell to get the right formula for Valentine’s day candles.


Final Thoughts

When picking a scent, always go back to how you feel about it. While there’s nothing wrong in considering how it will attract another person, your priority should be “you.” Even when making a change in fragrance, reflect on your reason behind it, and ensure that you’re doing it out of love, respect, and care for yourself at the end of the day.

5 Indoor Hobbies You Can Take Up Today

Make use of all your free time by learning a new skill. No, it doesn’t necessarily mean building your career or getting a side hustle. Getting a hobby is a productive and fulfilling activity that allows you to focus your attention on improving yourself without the pressures of work.

“What indoor hobbies can I possibly take up?” You might ask. There are several you can do in the comfort of your own home. Simply prepare the materials and equipment needed as well as a guide, and you can get started. Read through our list of suggestions of best indoor hobbies to see what you’d like to try:


Picture yourself serving the most scrumptious of dishes prepared by none other than you! You would have to start with simpler recipes like scrambled eggs before moving on to the omelet. Nothing beats the joy you bring over shared food made with love.

Candle making

It’s a classic art that goes back centuries. As deceptively simple candles may appear, there’s a science to making them. Recent innovations have made the practice flourish into an artistic skill that’s sustainable and health-friendly. It’s great for people of all genders and backgrounds, a good choice among indoor hobbies for men, too! This also makes a great conversation starter.

Learning a new language

The world opens up a lot more when you find yourself able to understand the spoken and written works of culture. Dive deeper into traditions, history, present conditions, and mindset that shaped people when you learn to speak and read in their tongue.


With the world events that occurred in the past year, practicing mindfulness is an amazing way to destress and detach from stress without stepping foot out of your home. It’s a very low maintenance hobby, but you might want to invest in a good yoga mat, as well as items that help set the mood. These can range from speakers or a headset to a houseplant to a scented candle.


Another low maintenance hobby, you’re still expected to invest in comfortable clothes that allow maximum movement. Otherwise, you risk an injury, like when you attempt to dance in jeans, or an embarrassing moment, which happens when you attempt a kick with poor quality leggings.


All Indoor Hobbies are for Everyone!

You’ll find that a lot of indoor hobbies for women can also be done by men, and enjoy them, too. The world has become more inclusive and accepting of the breaking of gender stereotypes. Women aren’t the only ones who love to cook. Males have now dominated the culinary industry, and more men are becoming home cooks.

Feel that there’s a certain one of the indoor hobbies you won’t like or think you’re not capable enough to do it? Make your time more interesting by choosing to do that, and see if you can prove yourself wrong. As they said, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

How to Celebrate Hobby Month

Got a hobby? If you don’t, it’s not a surprise. The art of the hobby has receded into the mysterious corners of memories from days of old. With the world’s hustle and bustle now a whisper of movement, it’s the perfect time to pick up a hobby beginning with a hobby list, because January is Hobby Month! Here’s how:

List of possible hobbies.

Write down all the hobbies you’re open to take on. Try to include one or two that you thought you’d never try in your life. It could be the one you’d stick with. If you have one and are already happy with it, move on to the next number.

Research activities and materials involved.

Some hobbies can be expensive, like photography, gaming, and even some forms of art. Choose one that gives you joy, not stress. Evaluate each one according to your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Find a hobby buddy!

It’s always better when you do things with a friend. Once you’ve decided on a hobby, look for someone in your circle who you’d love to join. They might be able to connect you with a new acquaintance, who can be your hobby buddy or a class you can join.

Make time for your new hobby.

Depending on your hobby it can be from 15 minutes a day to a couple of hours on the weekend. There’s no strict rule, but intentionally setting a regular schedule to follow would help you maintain it. Make it light, so you don’t overwhelm yourself, and don’t feel guilty if you weren’t able to follow it religiously.

Decide if you want to stick with it.

Like they said, you never know until you try. Dive into a hobby before saying it’s completely not for you. Wait at least until you’ve finished an output, a game, or a small project. That way, you have a good gauge of whether or not it’s something you’d like to continue doing.


Now, Choosing a Hobby

At this point, you might be wondering, “When do I monetize my hobby?” The real question is, should you? In today’s hustle culture, the answer would come as a surprise, because you really don’t have to. While turning your passion into your livelihood is an ideal way to find a career, you don’t have to make money out of everything you enjoy doing.

Commit to it because it brings you joy. That’s enough reason to start a hobby, invest in it, and keep at it. While you’re deciding on one or possibly interested in more, might we interest you in the simple but beautiful and therapeutic art of candle making?

Surprising List of Uncommon Types of Candles

Yes, there are more candles out there! Some of these you’ve probably used or encountered but never realized they were specially made than others. You can also find candle recipes for some of these, but other types of candles simply won’t appear in an article on “How to Make Candles.” Think you know these?

Liquid Candles

These candles don’t have to wait for the wax to set. Light it up in its oil form! The wax is simply called “liquid wax” and is usually made from pure mineral oil, also known as paraffin oil. They’re rated safe for use in food establishments and would be ideal because they neither release smoke and soot nor drip melted wax, creating a mess.

They burn for a long time, even up to 100 hours but always check if the brand you’re getting can last as long as you intend it to, although these are sure to stay for at least a day. They’re transparent in color, placed in small transparent bottles about two inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter.

Birthday Candles

Aside from their bright and cheery colors forming letters or words, birthday candles don’t seem too different from most candles, but they are. The distinction between this and other candle types is very subtle and wouldn’t be noticeable to most people, but they make them the candles they are.

A happy birthday candle is made from beeswax. It makes it harmless to place on edible food, such as cakes and cupcakes. Beeswax is an all-natural wax that provides a clean burn, releasing zero toxins, unlike manmade ones such as paraffin. Birthday candles also don’t drip, so you don’t have to worry about eating wax with the icing in your cake.

Sparkler Candles

What’s the difference between sparkler candles and a sparkler? They’re very similar, but like ordinary candles and birthday candles, they’re made for specific uses. Sparklers aren’t safe to be kept close to your face, shooting straight up, much less to be placed on food meant to be eaten.

Sparkler candles are entirely all right for indoor use, unlike sparklers. They also don’t shoot as many sparks, so there are much fewer chances of them burning something or someone. They don’t release smoke and are made to resemble candles when not lit, so they look pretty much like your standard happy birthday candle. It’s a sparkler birthday candle!

Cartridge Candles

Generally, they’re thicker and more affordable candles. They’re the go-to freestanding candles during emergencies, as in when you don’t have an emergency light on hand during blackouts. The thicker body makes for a broader base and a steadier candle.

Simply run a match or another lit candle across the bottom to melt the wax slightly and push it down hard on a smooth surface to stick it there. It will likely remain standing there unless the wax didn’t melt enough or wasn’t firmly placed on its spot.


Special Item: Flameless Candles

Like their name, they don’t emit any flame or actual heat, but they still give off light and a warm vibe. Because they’re not a fire hazard, they’re a popular choice among those who have kids and energetic pets but still want the coziness that candles bring to their homes. You can easily buy them in stores, but one downside is you can’t make them yourself if you enjoy the DIY route.

What New Candles Can We Expect?

The exciting thing about candle science is it’s very unassuming. Two candles may appear very much alike in form and function but are two different candles because of their composition. Many of the industry innovations were only recently developed, so it’s exciting to think of what’s to come in the next few years!

Candles Scents Using Essential Oils for Different Moods

Feeling down? Uninspired? “Meh?” Then it’s a sign to begin eating right, exercising, soaking healthy sunshine, and using aromatherapy! There will be days when you can’t find it in you to be positive and stay driven enough to accomplish your goals. The good thing is you can always get a little push because happiness and motivation can be found in the little things.

Scented Candles for Aromatherapy

Candles are one of the kinds of aromatherapy products available in the market. It has a great advantage over others because it combines the beauty, mood-setting, and environmental benefits of candles with those of essential oils. Just like how color affects a room’s vibes, the scent does, too, but while repainting your room is expensive, scented candles are much more cost-effective and practical.

While we recommend essential oils to ensure your candles are all-natural and environment-friendly, candle fragrance oils work well, too, and even better if you want the scents to be more pronounced. However, keep in mind the burn will no longer be toxic-free and as clean. These are the best candle scents recommended for each purpose or mood.


Perfect when you’re on a date, whether starting a new relationship or rekindling one you want to last. Invite them to dinner at home, and before you sit down to a delicious meal, light a candle that will add a subtle aroma that complements the ones from the dishes. The smell of vanilla, oranges, cinnamon, and a hint of spice will have you both swooning over each other for a memorable night.


When you want to concentrate on work and amp up your productivity, choose the right scents. Scents like lemon, jasmine, eucalyptus, and peppermint are easy go-to’s for many. Rosemary is also one but maybe too powerful for some, so remember to check with others if you’re sharing space. Cinnamon is also great for enhancing focus.


The benefits of these scents are wide in range and tremendous. Do you want essentials oils for anxiety? Lavender is always at the top of the list, followed by other aromas like rose, honeysuckle, and bergamot. The calming effect it has is undoubted. If you want essential oils for sleep, burn some chamomile or sandalwood an hour before bedtime. Remember to put it out before you turn it in for your safety.


The advantage of making your candles is you get to pick and choose the ingredients, even mix scents to come up with your unique combination. If you prefer the ease of buying a ready-made scented candle, you can still check whether the oils used are essential or fragrance by merely asking.

Essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils, but they’re worth the health and environmental benefits that fragrance oils can’t provide. The price difference won’t also be felt as much when you’re making the candles yourself. If you already have essential oils for diffusers on hand, you can use the same ones for creating your scented candles!






5 Common Different Types of Candles

Would you guess that something as simple as a candle has such a rich history and develop many varieties over the centuries? Thanks to passionate candlemakers, we can now create many types to serve different tastes, occasions, and purposes, especially more eco-friendly ones. Want to know what other types of candles are there for you to choose from for your next romantic dinner, party, or even just some me-time? Read on.

1. Container Candles

They’re the safest if you don’t want to worry about the flame moving around and setting fire to a close object. Container candles are made to stay inside a jar, tin, or another similar non-flammable holder with room for the candle’s body and the wick to remain upright.

They’re typically made from soy wax or paraffin, although other types of waxes should be just fine. It’s recommended for beginner candlemakers to start learning how to make candles with container candles as they’re more comfortable and safer to earn while learning the basic candle recipe to using different waxes to add fragrance dye.

2. Pillar Candles

Made from wax that can support itself, such as palm wax, it doesn’t need a container to keep it standing. That’s why they’re also known as freestanding or self-supporting candles. Pillar candles are great for using color and decorative waxes because the sides are in full view.

They’re famous because of the art that goes into it and because they’re smokeless and can burn for hours. Pillar candles range from as small as 3 inches in height to more than five times that. Other popular ways of decorating with them are to place them on a fancy plate or tray.

3. Tealight/Floating Candles

Also known as floaters, this unique feature of tealight candles makes them a favorite piece for romantic events. Among the different types of candles, they’re the only ones that can float on water. Seeing little flickering lights along the water looks lovely on its own but is even better when it’s sailing along with flower petals.

When they’re not placed on water but in a container, they’re commonly used for heating teapots and food, which is how they got their name. They’re typically made from either soy wax, a light wax for container candles, or palm wax, a preferred pillar candle wax. Suitable for a couple of hours, place them around a room for a “lit” party!

4. Votive Candles

With a special place in history, spirituality, and culture, votives are candles used for religious purposes, often taking part in traditions. They look similar to tealights, but they require a container because they’re made to liquify. After, the melted wax is absorbed into the wick to be burned completely, sometimes called “consumed.”

While many smallholders can hold either a tealight candle or a votive candle, the latter’s ideal shape would gather the liquid wax at the base of the wick so it can be absorbed and then burned. Avoid using ones that are more than double the size of your candle. That’s votive candle science for you!

5. Taper Candles

Remember the old-fashioned types of candles that were tall and slender? Yes, those are taper candles. While not as in-demand as they once were, place them in their holders, especially a candelabra or a candle tree, and revealed is the elegance they were once celebrated for.

Only an inch in diameter and averaging almost 20 inches in height, these candles are often made from either paraffin or beeswax. When you want to give an air of timelessness or regality, take out the taper candles and dust the grandmama’s candle tree.


Such beautiful choices—and these are just the most common! Picked out something you like? Have you decided on a favorite? It’s best to try using each type to know what works best for you according to the purpose. You’ll have so much fun going through them, and you’ll stir up a curiosity for the less common ones! Oh, yes, there are more. Look out for that article!


Why You Should Start a DIY Project This Holiday Season

Choices, choices, choices! There are so many options for gifts during this season. Some brands even sell them already in a box, wrapped, or simply with a bow tied, and it’s ready to be given away! With all this, why would you bother making your gifts? For several great reasons! Read on to know how DIY presents can level up your Christmas, and the recipient’s as well.

1. You decide on the quality.

Tired of overpriced Christmas presents that aren’t worth the money? Start making better ones. It’s not being stingy but holding value to every dollar you spend on things you wholeheartedly give. Going the DIY route gives you more for every buck spent. Tip: Hearts & Crafts has high quality eco-friendly candle waxes you can use to DIY special candles for your loved ones!

2. You can make it personal.

Add details so the receiver knows it was created just for them. Add their favorite scent, make it in their favorite color, and have their name on it. Any object is truly different when you know it’s yours, and was made just for you. Looking for a gift container? Check out our candle tins which can be personalized for your friends!

3. It surprises them!

Something pleasantly unexpected like a handmade gift is always welcome, even when the person says they don’t like surprises. It helps make gift-giving an even more memorable experience. Remember the last time you received a surprise you enjoyed? Spread more of that into the world one present at a time.

4. It allows you to make use of your talents.

Making something yourself just adds another layer of you that a store-bought gift doesn’t have. Real friends and family would cherish your abilities because they’re part of who you are. They’d be happy to get it wrapped in such a rare and tangible form. Love candle-making? We have some tips for you!

5. The gifts are special.

Even when you’ve patterned them from an item you saw or made a batch of identically designed presents, they’re still unique and special because you made them. Once you make gifts that are truly your own, then they become one-of-a-kind.


Start Your DIY Gift Project Now

Think of someone you’d love to give a present to. Then envision the perfect gift. Consider that your starting point. If it’s too complicated for you to make, come up with more ideas or create a simplified version. It’s important that the gift is something the recipient will treasure, and a creation you’re proud of. Feed your passion, love your craft!


Candles in Windows Christmas Traditions

Ever thought about the reason why you place candles in windows at Christmas? It’s a simple tradition that holds so much meaning and history. One of these reasons could be why your family has continued to observe the practice to this day. Christmas traditions around the world share the ritual. Know your family’s history more, and the stories of entire countries, races, and people behind the soft glow of that dancing flame upon wax.

Have a Very Irish Christmas

There are many ways that the Irish do Christmas differently, but candles in windows are one of their most significant Christmas traditions. In the 17th century, Catholicism was persecuted in Ireland by the British government. Irish priests were given until May 1, 1698, to leave the country, and several rights were stripped from Irish Catholics.

Devout followers continued to practice their faith in secret, developing several ways to exercise it in secret. One of those ideas was to place candles in windows for Christmas to invite Catholic priests into their home. The residents will receive the holy sacraments, and the priests will get food and a safe place to stay.

Traveler’s Inns and B&Bs

It’s not clear whether this was derived from the Irish Catholic practice, vice versa, or if it’s an entirely independent Christmas tradition that coincidentally shares a strong similarity. Bed and breakfasts, hotels, inns, and any homes willing to take in travelers for the night are known to put up candles in windows.

Initially, it began with homes and B&Bs, then was eventually adopted by bigger establishments, namely inns and hotels. The next time you go traveling, you might want to keep an eye out for a candle resting on a windowsill. It could be a sign of welcome for rest to those who wander but always be cautious. Do your research ahead, and trust your gut when internal alarm bells start ringing.

Significant Family and Religious Events

Candles in windows aren’t just for Christmas. They can represent either the mourning or the joy of a family, but both represent hope. In the sad event of a missing family member, the candle represents looking forward to their return. In times of happiness, the candle announces the birth of a new family member, welcoming them, possibly adapted from the birth of Jesus Christ.

Religiously, candles in windows during the holiday season signify the Magi following the star to the baby Jesus. The Jewish also place their menorah, a 7-piece candelabrum, on windowsills to remember the miracle of the one day’s worth of oil burning for eight, nonstop. Both practices celebrate displays of great faith that were key moments in their religion and beliefs.

Meaningful Traditions of the Season

They’re not just great stories but real events that shaped history, represented by a beguilingly modest act of placing a candle in windows at Christmas. This holiday season, spend time to contemplate how its past shaped your present. Have you lit your candle yet?






Aromatic and Festive Scents for Christmas Candles

Certain smells remind us of specific memories, people, times in our lives, and seasons. In particular, some are associated with Christmas scents, and you can’t help reminisce about holidays past when you get a whiff of them. Usher in the spirit of joy and cozy weather by adding these smells to your home, preferably using Christmas candles for windows. 


It’s not Christmas without it! This spice rack favorite is a star in big feasts, and so the more at the biggest feast of the year. It was highly valued, even as much as silver in the first century! Used to preserve food and add an inviting scent to several dishes, like cookies, eggnog, and pies, it’s hard to imagine this special time of the year without this scent.  


The weather will always play one of the biggest roles. The temperature dropping, and icy flakes falling mark the beginning of the Yuletide season. White and wetsnow permeates the air with a crisp and clean smell that has become one of the signature Christmas scents. Be reminded of snow angels, and snowball fights that come with this annual period of cheer. 

Pine (Christmas trees)

What’s one addition to any home in this season that’s most well-loved? Christmas trees! The lush green stands as a wonderful reminder of life and provision during the coldest time of the year when the rest of nature is barren for the time being. Adorned with various trinkets, it’s a magical sight to both young and old. Remember to add essential pine oil the next time you’re making candles for that Christmas tree effect. 

Hot chocolate

No drink on Earth is more perfect than hot chocolate for the holidays. It’s sweet, creamy, warm, and, of course, has that chocolate flavor. Little marshmallows only increase its comfort factor beyond the scales. There’s no reason not to love it, and you can’t outgrow it. Chocolate is indulgent comfort. 


Ever wondered why we make reserve the gingerbread for Christmas when we can have it any time of the year if we wanted to? For centuries, gingerbread was only used for religious ceremonies and could only be made by specially trained people. In the 17th century, they finally allowed the public production and consumption of it exclusively for Christmastime. That’s why to this day, gingerbread is considered a Christmas treat only. 

Roasted chestnuts

Unlike many of those on this list, roasted chestnuts don’t have an interesting and complex history to how it began. The reason it is done during winter is it’s when the chestnuts begin sprouting in trees, like snow. The US doesn’t have chestnut trees anymorewhich became extinct due to a virus in the 1900s, but we still enjoy imported ones from North Europe where roasted chestnuts are seasonal street food. 

Oranges and cloves

When the air indoors gets stale from keeping the windows and doors shut to keep out the coldit’s time to whip out the pomander balls. They’re oranges pierced with cloves that release their fresh scent as they dry, lasting for months on end. It’s a natural and affordable way to spruce up your home. It also doubles as an endearing Christmas activity you can do with the family. 


How to Add Christmas Scents

There are several ways to incorporate these holiday smells into your home. You can use an essential oil diffuser or Christmas potpourriBut our personal favorites are Christmas-scented candles. That soft glow from a Christmas candle just makes a place a touch cozier. Enjoy the aromatic appeal as you make your Christmas list.