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Dye Power: Relaxing Candle Colors That Calm Your Senses

Russian painter and theorist Wassily Kandinsky once said, “color is a power which directly influences the soul.” They come in different shades and affect our moods more than we can imagine.   

Although people have their own biases and subjective reactions to colors, certain shades speak to their souls. Darker hues often connote gloom and sadness; while brighter hues trigger happiness. And like how an interior designer decides on wall paint, crafters can also turn to specific dyes to evoke a calm feeling.  

Hearts & Crafts lists recommendations for relaxing candle colors you can use in your next candle-making project. We’ll focus on hues that trigger our psyche to be at ease such as naturals and pastels. Browse through this list and pick the tint you most feel a connection to!  


Strokes of Enchanting Nature  

Blue Shade

One of the therapeutic decorating ideas for a stress-free home is adding a touch of outdoors. You can start with dyeing your candles with natural shades and displaying them in your space.    

Shades of nature are calming and soothing because they remind us of how beautiful the environment is. Blue, green, yellow, and brown are some of the examples. We associate blues with the ocean and sky; while greens remind us of growth and flora.   

Natural colors such as blue and green are loved by many that these two tints are voted as the world’s favorite color.   



Have you ever looked at the sky and felt at peace? Just one look and you are easily relaxed. The vast blue heavens decorated with clouds gliding slowly is nearly hypnotic. Clutch on to that feeling by recreating the dreamy vibes of sea and sky with your DIY candles in blue.  

Go for soft tones and aqua blue candle dye chips to stimulate feelings of peace and serenity. Blue candles have a natural calming effect and are gentle to the eyes. We recommend displaying them on your office desk. Therefore, you can easily turn to them and relax your eyes from all the computer glare.   

Blue candles are also believed to symbolize healing and forgiveness. Lighting one will mean you are hoping to foster better communication and peace among the people around you.  



Don’t you think it’s quite magical that a single seed can grow into a beautiful tree? That same magic, although unconsciously, is what we often feel when looking at the color green. It reminds us of abundance and mother nature herself.   

Because of its natural associations, candles dyed in green are expected to bring a sense of relief and rest. Pale greens and teal are cozy and refreshing to look at. Dark green, on the other hand, is the reserved and conservative type. Turn to the softer tones if you aim to capture attention; then go for darker ones if you wish to blend them with other dyed candles.   

Spiritually, green-colored candles mean health, fertility, and luck. You can also light your green candles to boost productivity and learning.   


The Beauty of Pastels  

Pastel Candle Colors

Like the natural hues, pastels are easy on the eyes, too. Since they are the less saturated version of colors, they don’t strike viewers with their shades. Instead, they lighten the mood and lessen the tension.  

You can achieve pastel hues by adding white to any color. Soft tones are often regarded as clean and delicate. Among the pastel family, there are quite a lot of dyes to choose from. However, we will focus on the two most relaxing candle colors you can use for your next candle-making stint.   


Blush Pink  

Softer shades of pink like blush and dusty pinks give off a sense of tranquility. In Feng Shui, it is believed to balance the energies in the room. It also alleviates intense feelings of anger, worry, and neglect.   

Make your version of tender candles by mixing pink candle dye chips into your DIY candle recipe. And then, decorate your space with your creation. We recommend putting them in areas that need concentration like a reading nook or your office. Having blush pink candles around will surely help you focus and relax.  

Aside from its aesthetic purposes, lighting pink candles entails you are hoping for friendship, romance, and harmony.   



Lilac is a lighter shade of purple. It is associated with being fresh and playful, sociable and friendly. With gray and pink undertones, this dye is one of the relaxing candle colors you can try for your next DIY project.   

Candles in shades of purple, violet, or lilac are soothing and gentle. This color initiates concentration and attentiveness. Therefore, it is advisable to add lilac-dyed candles in your yoga or meditation room to initiate focus.   

On the other hand, it also triggers your creativity. Looking around, we are surrounded by blues, greens, and reds. Tints in the purple family are uncommon in our environment. Its uniqueness is another reason why people tend to gravitate toward this shade. See how these candles will help you overcome a creative slump. Try adding them in your craft room or your work area.   

When we dive into its religious symbolism, lighting lilac-colored candles mean the person is yearning for wisdom and peace.   


Soothe Your Mind with a Pop of Color  


More than their beauty and the visual experience they give us, colors bridge the gap between our physical selves and our souls. Since particular shades trigger our emotions, it is essential to pick the right color that affects us positively. If you wish to have a quick relaxing treat, natural shades and pastels are the way to go.   

We encourage you to continue playing around with different candle dyes. Mix one shade with another and come up with a unique color that fits your taste!   

Best Spots for Candle Home Décor to Create the Perfect Ambience

Candle-making is one of those hobbies that you just can’t seem to get enough of. One day, you’re just making three candles; the next thing you know, your collection has grown to a roomfulTherefore, we ask you this  would you let your candles stay hidden, or would you rather have them displayed out in the open? 

Artists and dedicated candle makers, we think we know which choice you’ll take. Decorating your home with your art is a big proud moment for anyone. However, the real challenge lies in looking for the best spots for them.   

Candles are the home’s garnish—they add the finishing touches to your interior, bringing warmth and a sense of relief. And like any garnish, you don’t just put them anywhere. In this post, we’ll share four areas perfect for your candle home décor.   




Out of all the areas at home, the bedroom is the most intimate. It is where you can finally rest after a long day and be comfortable alone. This is exactly why the bedroom is one of the best places to have your candles on display.  

By adding scented candles, you can lighten up the atmosphere in your bedroom. We suggest going for fragrances that help your mind relax such as sandalwood and lavender. Try looking into different scents that affect your mood to know which aromatherapy candles suit you best.   

Now, deciding which spot in your bedroom is best for your candle home décor can be a bit tricky. Avoid putting them near the curtains, linens, or your clothes for safety. Clear a space on your bedside table or vanity desk for them instead. Keep in mind to always blow out the candles before you sleep or head out.  



Candles are versatile decorative pieces. They can grace a room looking plain and without too many embellishments but still steal the spotlight. Other times, they are the spotlight.   

Utilize the primary function of candles and place them outside. If your patio has chairs and tables, adding candles will only enrich your alfresco dining experience. They are also good sources of light for other outdoor activities. You may choose to hang them as candle lanterns or place them on the table.   

Aside from the aesthetic purposes of decorating your patio with candles, burning them outside keeps the insects away too!   

We encourage you to burn all-natural DIY candles for the environment especially if you’re putting them outdoors. Candles made from soy, palm, or ice wax burn cleaner than artificial and paraffin waxes. Create your natural candles in five easy steps and start showing them off in your home!  




Imagine treating yourself to a nice bubble bath coupled with soothing scents in vanilla, fresh linen, or citrus. After a week of hard work, you can finally enjoy a good soak and let your mind and body relax. While your eyes are closed, your sense of smell is wide awake, captivated by the fragrances around you. Now that’s the life, right?  

Adorn your bathroom with scented candles and don’t deprive yourself of this experience. You may put your candle home décor on the sink or near the tub. Then, light them during your bath or after use to mask other odors.   

One or two scented candles are enough to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more. Liberate your creativity and go all out in mixing and matching candle decorations. Dyed candles are perfect for this. Try matching your dyed candles with your colored towels or shower curtains to match your theme. If you’re not a fan of colored candles, then we suggest looking for pre-designed candle containers instead. Hearts & Crafts has a variety of candle tin collections you can choose from.   


Reading Corner  

Reading Corner

Accessorizing any area with candles is one of the many therapeutic home decorating ideas to keep your space looking and feeling calm. Adding DIY candles to your reading nook just makes the home even more serene.  

The sight of your most-loved books sitting side by side with beautifully crafted candles will surely make your crafter heart feel giddy. Organize your books according to height, color, or alphabetically then jazz up the shelves with candles. Just be sure never to light them near your books to avoid accidents.   

You may also add flowers or other figurines on the shelf for variety. Some candle containers are specially designed for multipurpose storage. You can store your highlighters, pens, or book magnets in them, too.   


Spruce Up Your Space  


Look around your home. Survey each corner and see if they need a little sprucing up. A candle home décor might just be the missing piece in your interior design. Be proud of your DIY candle creations and show them off. Keep in mind these four best areas or find better corners at home to have your creations laid out.  

Best of luck with designing your home, crafter. We’d love to see those creatively put together candles out in the open!   

Relieve Stress at Home: Activities That Help You De-Stress Like A Pro

According to statistics, 73% of Americans experience mental health issues caused by stress. It drove people to overthink, be anxious, and feel troubled so much that businesses aiming to alleviate stress sprung like mushrooms. Services like massage, hotel accommodation, or even a quick getaway tour are advertised as stress relievers.  

But what happens when you don’t feel like going out? What if you only have your living space as your venue to manage your unsettled feelings? Can you still relieve stress at home 

Shake off the negative vibes. Read on as we share 6 activities you can do at home that will help you de-stress like a pro!  


Bring Out the Artist in You 


Studies show that repetitive hand motions when crafting help our minds calm down. Therefore, start creating and awaken the dormant artist in you! 

Try doing something with your hands. Don’t be afraid to get messy and creative. Relieve your stress at home by doing your hobbies again. Find something that will make your hands and mind busy.  

Some of the activities you can try are knitting, candle-making, painting, or crafting jewelry. Who knows what talent lies within you, right? Many talented artists managed to create timeless masterpieces out of their emotions. Translate your pent-up energy into something beautiful. Treat your art as your outlet. 


Declutter Your Stuff 

Declutter your stuff

Have you ever heard of the adage, “cleanliness is next to godliness”? It stays true in stress management.  

The more chaotic and cluttered your space is, the more stressed you will be. Look back on the time when you felt so frustrated for losing your socks in the pile of laundry; or that other time when you almost ran late to work because you can’t find your car keys. A disorganized home is bound to lead you into frustrations. Avoid heightened stress levels by keeping your home neat and organized. Declutter your stuff to keep your mood relaxed at all times! 


Watch What You Eat 

Heathy food

The food you eat affects your mental health more than you think. An insufficient nutritious and balanced diet might weaken your decision-making skills and slow down your reactionary abilities. 

While salty food like chips affects your concentration, food like candies and soda triggers your energy levels to spike at an abnormally high rate only to plummet again later on. These foods will cause you more stress in the long run so make sure to consume them in moderation. 

Munch on different power foods instead! Add green leafy vegetables, lean meat, and healthy fats like avocado and olive oil to your grocery list. These brain foods will help you function better and relieve stress at home one meal at a time! 


Be Still and Meditate 


One of the best activities you can do to relax is to meditate. Because sometimes, all we need is a little quiet. 

Find a spot at home where you can tune out the world for a while. We suggest lighting scented candles to complete the atmosphere. Go for lemon or citrusy scents since they are good at boosting concentration.  

Focus on your breathing and release all muscle tension in every exhale. Meditation helps you be in the present, urging you to forget about the things you have no control over at the moment—the past and the future.  

It also proves to be an excellent way to reduce heart problems. A healthy body leads to a stress-free mind! 


Lose Yourself in a Book 

Read a book

When was the last time you read for pleasure?  

Every day, we are greeted by lots of reading tasks; the news, street signs, pantry labels, and so on. Out of all the reading you do in a day, did you ever try to pick up a book you really like and read for yourself?  

Reading, even for as short as 6 minutes, can already bring your mind to relax. It even works faster and better in alleviating your stress than listening to music and drinking tea. This is because books have magic. When reading, you are transported to a world that doesn’t have any of the problems you encounter in life. You get to witness a world that is free from your fears and sorrows. You get to live a different life in stories.  

That is what makes reading the best way to relieve stress at home. All you need to do is find a comfortable corner, snuggle yourself with a blanket, then curl up with a book. By then, you are gifted with a sweet escape through the stories you read.  


Break a Sweat 


Physical activity like exercise and yoga pumps up the body and releases endorphins—the happy hormones. Regular exercise is also good for your overall health. It improves your resistance against heart diseases and lowers risks of anxiety and depression.  

Yoga, on the other hand, may not be as energetic as your typical exercise routine but it’s a culmination of mental and physical training. It is meditation combined with slow, calculated movements, relaxation, and controlled breathing.  

In the end, whether you choose a more energetic routine or a more relaxed one like yoga, these two activities help you loosen up. You won’t even need to have any equipment when you do yoga. With just a few poses, you’re already set!  

Just don’t forget to consult your doctor before following any routine or poses online. Some sensitive poses can be harmful to people who have certain body complications.  


Stress, Begone!  


Jam-packed calendar? Overlapping tasks and deadlines? Thinking about (again!) what to make for dinner? Stress is like an unwelcomed visitor who just keeps on knocking at your door at every opportunity. It’s just everywhere! 

Don’t worry! Gone are the days when you have to go out and search for a place to release your heavy baggage. Your home can be a safe place, too. Managing your stress at home is also possible with a few creative activities like on this list.  

The next time you feel like gloomy weather coming from inside you, try these tips. Try to breathe and release those happy hormones!  

Decorate with DIY Candles: Transforming Your Space to the Next Level

Since a candle’s primary purpose is to give light, you only realize the need for it when the power goes out. Using candles as home decorations probably hasn’t crossed your mind. 

Because of this, you might be missing out on a lot of creative ways to beautify your home. Candles, especially the ones you make yourself, are great decorative pieces. They add that elegant vibe and warmth to any space.  

If you’re wondering how you can spruce up your home and decorate with candles, then today’s your lucky day. We’ve listed tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing your interior with DIY candles below! 


Let Them Glow in Lanterns  

Candle Lantern

Want to achieve a delicate glowing effect? Add a candle lantern here and there! 

Lanterns are already enough to steal a glance from your visitors, but adding a candle inside just makes it even better. You can either hang them in your living room or put them on top of a counter, shelf, or your front porch—totally up to you.  

You may use flameless candles for hanging lanterns to ensure safety. As for the lanterns on the ground, we recommend using soy wax candles since they burn longer compared to other waxes.  

Lit candle lanterns produce a subtle, delicate gleam—enough to captivate anyone who sees them.   


DIY Candles as Book Stopper 

One of our favorite ways to decorate with candles is using them as a book stopper. And if you’re a certified bookworm, we are sure you’re going to love this, too! 

Keep your books from slanting and preserve their rightful form by putting a stopper—not just any ordinary stopper at that. Get on the creative side and start with your DIY candle book stopper. Add another layer of personality to your creation by dressing up your candles with mundane things you can easily source at home. 

On another note, you can add your self-made candles on empty shelf spaces, too. This is a superb way to balance the design on your bookshelf. You may place one pillar candle or tie a trio together with lace. The good thing about DIY candles is they are perfectly customizable; therefore, the design possibilities are endless! 

Remember that these candles are just for decorative purposes. Lighting candles near your books should never be practiced.  


Use Them as Centerpieces 

Candle Centerpieces

Out of all the ways to decorate with candles, this one’s probably the most common.  

Candles as centerpieces can be a positive distraction in your overall interior design. You may choose to place them in your living room table, dining table, or countertops. One of the creative ways to display your DIY candles is by grouping them and putting them on a wooden platter as a centerpiece. 

Of course, the design is totally your call. Arrange your candles however you want on your tables. You may use other decorative pieces to spruce things up like faux flowers, stones, figurines, or wreathes.  

If you’re feeling a bit fancy and want to create a romantic atmosphere in your dining area, then we suggest going for candle stands! These candle holders are perfect for a candlelight dinner. Be sure to pick a style and color that go with your dining theme. 


Put Them in Pretty Containers 

Candle Jars

For sure your DIY candles are beautiful on their own, therefore, putting them on equally pretty containers will up their design value.  

Make use of candle jars, hurricanes, and tins—fire-proof containers that are safe to hold your lit candles. Transparent or glass containers like hurricanes and jars are perfect for showcasing your colored and dressed-up DIY candles. They are subtle enough not to overshadow your creations. 

On the other hand, ceramic bowls and candle tins are perfect for plain and scented candles. Since these containers usually come in different colors and are already designed to match a theme, you won’t have to exert too much effort on curating the candle itself. Another thing we love about them is they are independent designs. When you buy candle tins and ceramic bowls, you’re buying a home décor piece—not just a candle holder.  


The More, the Merrier 

Now, if you wish to keep things clean and focused, grouping candles is the way to go! 

Skip other decorative pieces and bring the spotlight to your DIY candles by arranging them side by side. You may group them by colors or organize them according to size. Unleash your inner designer and have fun with laying them out in your home.  

This is also a good idea to put your DIY candles on display for all your guests to see. Maybe allot a space or a shelf to house your designs—a make-shift candle exhibit corner!  


Candle Décor for a Curated Home! 

Let your passion for DIY candle-making flow into your home. Bring out the hobbyist, crafter, or artist in you and accessorize your space with your beautiful creations! Besides, candles aren’t just unique gifts and light sources, they make excellent home decorative pieces, too! 

More Than Wax: 5 Reasons Why Burning Candles is Good for You

When we say candles bring light, we don’t just mean to a specific room or space—because the light it radiates reaches even the most troubled hearts.  

Nowadays, candle use has become popular. People started buying them for relaxation, home decoration, or for a crafting hobby. But if you’re not most people, then you might think they’re the least of your needs. You don’t have use for them anyway… or so you think. 

Read on as we enumerate five reasons why burning candles is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your overall well-being.  


 Candles Set the Mood for Comfort 

Candle and Wine

Notice how most romantic movies include a candlelight scene. This is because candles when positioned strategically in a space, denotes a romantic atmosphere for couples. With just a spark, candles can trigger love and passion. 

Upgrade your dining experience to a candlelit dinner. Simply position the candles on your dining table and light them while sharing a hearty meal with your partner. Enjoy this straight-from-the-movie scene with your significant other. 

On another note, it also adds a bit of personality to your room. Since candles have a natural soothing effect, lighting them elicits comfort and coziness all around the area. Going home after a long day of work to a delicately lighted place instantly signals your brain to relax and be comfortable.  


Candles Enhance Your Spiritual Well-Being  

Prayer Candles

A symbol of healing, praise, and faith—burning candles is good for those who want to keep in touch with their spirituality. Related to setting the mood, having lit candles help you concentrate and meditate better.  

Candles are widely used as praying symbols in most parts of the world. It is believed to help us tap into our inner divine light. The calming and healing effects of lit candles set up an atmosphere conducive for contemplation and praying.  

In some traditions, candles are assigned specific colors that bear different meanings. Here are some of the colored candles and the intentions they represent: 

  • Pink candles are usually ignited for prayers of love, friendship, and harmony. 
  • Yellow candles are for people who wish to manifest their plans, spark their creativity, and clear their minds.  
  • Orange candles are normally lit by students for guidance in education, strength, and energy.  
  • Green candles signify money, luck, and fertility.  
  • Blue candles are for prayers of forgiveness, healing, and communication.  
  • Purple candles are for those who wish to achieve spiritual clarity and wisdom.  
  • Black candles are believed to protect people from negative energies. It is also used to repel negative forces from others and avoid destruction.   
  • White candles are for peace and truth. Those who can’t find the right colored candle for them usually light white candles. 


The Alluring Fragrances of Candles Trigger Happy Thoughts 

Happy Thoughts

Did you know that certain fragrances trigger memories? According to a study on scents, our long-term memories are stored in the piriform cortex. These memories resurface when our orbitofrontal cortex, the part of our brain responsible for sensing taste and smell, recognizes the odor. 

The human body works in wondrous ways. By recalling happy memories, we gradually shy away from depression and anxiety. Memories, whether good or bad, play a huge role in our self-esteem and relationship with others. But of course, to truly care for your well-being, burn scented candles that remind you of good events from the past. In this way, we can release stress and reduce our negative thoughts. 

Whether you’re buying or making your candles, we recommend going for the ones made with all-natural wax. Soy, palm, and ice wax are clean-burning candles that leak less soot and have a more prominent scent throw than paraffin wax.   


Candles Relax Your Restless Mind  

Better Sleep

If we have coffee to kickstart our day, what do we have to peacefully cap the day off?  

To some people, having a warm shower or reading a few chapters helps them sleep. But to some, it is harder to come by. One of our favorite benefits of burning candles is its ability to drive us to a sweeter, quieter slumber. 

Bergamot, sandalwood, and chamomile are some of the candle scents that influence our brain into snoozing. These fragrances comfort our senses and eventually help us combat insomnia.  

The next time you have trouble sleeping, try lighting scented candles. Let the fragrance envelop your room. Dim your lights and allow the candle to fill the darkness. And slowly close your eyes. We hope you have a good night’s sleep! 


It Encourages Self-Care 

Candle for Self Care

How do you spend your me-time? Are you one of those who curl up with a book all day? Do you practice yoga and meditate? Or do you shut off the world while enjoying a warm bubble bath?  

Whichever your choice is, you can spruce up your methods by lighting candles. Add a flair of fragrance and mood to your self-care routine with your favorite scents.  

Even the act of igniting candles itself is already self-care. Care for your body and your overall headspace by letting yourselves enjoy the soothing effects that candles bring. 


Love Yourself One Spark at a Time 

In case you need more reasons to light a candle, think of your troubles—your constant worries that keep you up at night, or your exhausted body that badly needs a rest. You deserve time off to breathe and enjoy a calming environment. You earned it! And with a flicker of a candle, learn to love yourself a little bit more. 

Candle Scents You Can Turn to When You’re Feeling Down

Ever since the pandemic hit, the number of people who experienced distress has doubled. From 2018 data, only 9% of Americans said they were anxious and nervous most of the week. This rose to a whopping 18% come 2020.  

With the current situation, looking for things to help us destress became one of the priorities. Pre-pandemic, an easy remedy to a bad mood could be a good stroll in the park, a dine-in experience at your favorite restaurant, or a quick beach getaway. Now, our choices have been limited to the things we can do at home.  

But don’t let that weigh you down too much. There’s still hope! One of the fastest ways to calm your nerves without having to go out is lighting scented candles. Certain fragrances are proven to elicit feelings of peace, joyfulness, and even nostalgia by poking into our memories.  

In this post, we listed three of the best aromatherapy candles proven to improve your mood.  


Lemon Scented Candles Boost Concentration

Lemons for Concentration

When life throws you lemons, mix them with your candles!  

Lemons are good sources of vitamin C and are proven to give tons of health benefits that aid weight loss, clearer skin, and easier digestion. But did you know that this citrus makes one of the best aromatherapy candles on the market? Its tangy scent swirls its way to our senses, allowing us to concentrate well 

Below are other effects of lemon-infused candles to your mood: 

  • The sweet, citrusy scent of lemon essential oils contribute in tranquilizing our senses during times of heightened emotions.   
  • It soothes your breathing. Lemon-infused candles purify the air you breathe. If you’re under the common cold’s mercy, try lemon aromatherapy. Aside from cleaning the air around you, its soothing fragrance also relaxes your sore throat.  
  • It decreases common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.   
  • It eases your mind when feeling angry, anxious, and exhausted.  

Therefore, lighting a lemon-scented candle is your best bet to uplift your mood and boost concentration. To infuse this in your candles, simply add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the melted wax. Be mindful of the size of the candle container you’re using as the drops should be dependent on the amount of wax. For an 8-ounce candle, it’s good to go for about 40 drops or two to four teaspoons.   


Ylang-ylang Scents Initiate Relaxation 

Ylang-ylang for Relaxation

This one is for the restless hearts!  

Ylang-ylang is a yellow, curved flower that grows from the Cananga tree. It is an Indian-native tropical tree but can also be found across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia.  

Ylang-ylang fragrance oils exude a romantic and flowery scent. Its oil extracts are widely-used as top notes by fragrance companiesChanel being one of them.  

Aside from its rich and strong aroma, worthy of a thousand-dollar price tag, this yellow tropical flower has a lot more to offer. Its oil extracts, when infused in candles are also good for aromatherapy. Lighting ylang-ylang infused candles drive our minds to a relaxing space and urges us to rest our worries.   

Here’s how ylang-ylang scented candles affect our headspace: 

  • It boosts your self-confidence. According to research, ylang-ylang poses positive effects on your mood and overall self-esteem when applied topically or inhaled.   
  • It relaxes your heart. Quickly light your ylang-ylang candles when feeling a bit distressed or rattled. A slight puff of this flowery fragrance will hush your troubled thoughts.   

Go all-out on natural candle making with floral fragrance oils. We recommend having ylang-ylang candles nearby for instant emotional relief. Soy wax candles have a strong fragrance throw for both hot and cold. Even if you have these scented candles just on display, you can still enjoy the aromatic benefits!  


Sandalwood Candles for Better Slumber 

A good night sleep is all you need!  

Some of the best aromatherapy candles are infused with Sandalwood since this tree extract is good for physical and mental healing. In some cases, sandalwood oils are also used as alternative medicine.   

Sandalwood-scented candles do wonders to our mood especially when lit at night. Some of its instant effects are as follows: 

  • It helps you sleep better. Some people tend to go through a day feeling grumpy and unmotivated because of lack of sleep. Lighting a sandalwood-infused candle a few minutes before you sleep will give you a good night’s rest. Just make sure not to doze off with your lit candles to avoid incidents.  
  • It puts you in a meditative state. Its earthy or woody scent relieves brain fatigue and eases your mind from the day’s tension.  

If you’re a busy go-getter, a night of peaceful snooze is probably one of the most-awaited items on your to-do list. We recommend to cap your day with a swish of sandalwood scent for a relaxing night off.   


Some Candles and Deep Breaths Will Pick You Up 

Whatever situation you’re in right now, whether if it’s pandemic-related or personal, always remember that all your worries shall pass. In the meantime, rely on your amazing skills in candle making and try to incorporate the above-mentioned scents into your creations. Make your mood brighter and your days a little better with the best aromatherapy candles  

Unusual Candle Decorations: 5 Mundane Things That Make Your Candles Extraordinary

Candles brighten up a room when they’re lit. And when embellished, they too can light up any space without having to burn.

We know the usual candle designs. We’ve seen them in every gift we received during the holidays or on mall displays; those striped candles that look like candy canes, those shimmering ones that dazzle us with glitters, or those dotted-candles that are too cute to even light. They’re all beautiful decorations, yes… But don’t you ever wonder if there are other things you can use to decorate your candles with?

Perhaps you wondered if there are unusual trinkets found in your household that can be good ornaments for your candles—something unique but also familiar to make your DIY candles stand out.

In this post, we’ll share five unusual candle decorations that you can easily find anywhere, anytime—because everyone deserves at least one beautiful candle in their lifetime.


Laces and Knits


Lace patterns add the “extra” in extraordinary candles.

If you want to instantly upscale your plain candles to an emergency DIY gift, then all you need is a bit of lace and scissors! Lace is an excellent decoration that you can use to dress-up your candles.

The internet is a wonderful place to find lace fabrics. But if you wish to avoid spending, you can turn to your closet instead! Scour your drawers for old clothes, curtains, or dining cloths with lace patterns that you no longer use but still have that alluring feel to them.

Cut your desired pattern, fold or tie them around your candle containers, and display them anywhere you like! You may use ribbons or decorative pins to secure the laces.


Coffee beans

It sure is hard to resist coffee. They taste nice, they smell good, and now, they’re one of the most unusual candle decorations out there!

You can accentuate your DIY candles with coffee beans in two ways:

Add the coffee beans to your candle containers before pouring the wax – this way, the beans will melt along with your candle when lit, giving off a burnt coffee aroma.

Glue the beans on your cooled-down candle – it’s the best of both worlds! Give them to someone who loves candles and coffee as a gift and watch as their eyes sparkle with joy! Due to safety reasons, we don’t recommend lighting decorated candles made with this method.


Your favorite quote

Favorite Quote

Another way to personalize your candles is by decorating them with your favorite quote. The best thing about this is it’s uniquely yours! You call the shots to text layouts and fonts so you won’t have to worry about seeing anyone with the same design.

Ready? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Print your favorite quote on tissue paper (the one used for gift wrappers), and then cut it just right for your candle’s size.
  2. Position the quote on your candle.
  3. Put a wax paper on top of your quote big enough to wrap your candle.
  4. Apply heat to your candles with a heat gun or a hairdryer set in low heat. Your printed quote will slowly fuse into your candles this time.
  5. Peel the wax paper off, and you’re done!

The same steps apply if you wish to add images or patterns to your candles. Look for other design inspirations or simply create your own. Print as many variations as you like. You can even distribute candles with the names of your friends or loved ones so they can have a personalized candle from you, too!



Did somebody say beach?

Ride on the waves and sprinkle some sand on your candles for that beach vibe! Sand may seem an unusual candle decoration at first glance to some but if you think about it… they’re perfect! They’re easy to use, flexible to any layouts, and you can even dye them to match your preferred design!

Plus, candles decorated with sand can also be good souvenirs for themed parties such as beach weddings, birthdays, or other occasions. Up your gift-giving game with a sand-decorated candle!


Candy Sprinkles

Candy Sprinkles

Help! Is it a candle? Or a dessert?

Add a bit of color and sweetness to your plain candles with candy sprinkles! This is a fun way to accessorize your DIY candles especially if you’re using a transparent container. Simply coat the inside of a jar or any transparent candle container with these colorful candies. Then pour the melted wax right after. We suggest to keep these candles in an airtight container when displayed to avoid ants.

Enjoy your party sprinkled candles!


Start decorating!


Gone are the days when candles’ mere usage is to light up a room. Now, they can also be a canvas for the artists and designers at heart, a gift to the people we love, and something we can revel on to alleviate our stress.

These five unusual candle decorations are true testaments that even the most unexpected and mundane things can be used to accessorize and design your candles. As long as you’re letting your imagination flow, the possibilities of unique candle designs are endless!

Try new things, be different, and dare to spruce up those plain candles, crafter!

10 Therapeutic Home Decorating Ideas for a Peaceful and Stress-Free Mind

There’s more than enough hustling and bustling going on in the world that most of us, if not everyone, thirst for quiet. We long for a place where we can rejuvenate energy and find aid for discomfort. At the end of the day, you only wish to come home to a therapeutic space after being exposed to a world of clamor. 

Good news: you can! We plotted 10 therapeutic home decorating ideas that you can use to transform your living space into a sanctuary worth coming home to. 


Welcome Mr. Sun 


Open your curtains and let the sunlight in!  

One of the effective ways to make a space therapeutic and calming is utilizing natural light. A well-lit room invigorates us to stay focused on tasks, keeps our senses motivated, and improves our mood tenfold.  

If your space has few windows installed, don’t worry! You can still illuminate your home by adding reflective materials such as mirrors, glass furniture, or lacquered surfaces. 


Accentuate with Flora 

Add Houseplants

A great therapeutic home decorating idea is bringing in the greens and the flowers!  

We don’t just say this because plants are beautiful for the home, but also because according to research, they’re good for your health. Adding houseplants to accentuate your home decreases stress levels and enhances concentration. 

We also recommend putting plants in your home office. Being in the presence of greenery and nature helps us feel calmer and more relaxed. Because of this, we can go through the day with a more positive outlook and better disposition. 


Distract Positively  

Wall Art

There’s such a thing as positive distractions.  

Sometimes, we become too occupied and busy at home that we forget to take a break. Positive distractions urge us to pause and give ourselves some time to relax even for a bit.  

These diversions can be anything inviting to the eyes such as a painting, a wall art, or your favorite figurine. All those pieces interrupt our negative thoughts by inviting us to look at them and marvel at their beauty.  


Never Go Wrong with Nature 

Wood Furniture

One therapeutic home decorating hack we love is adding natural elements. 

As humans, we are wired to be attracted to earthy pieces—probably Mother Nature’s way of drawing us back to the earth’s wonders. Consider adding pieces with earthy textures such as a piece of woodwork in a prominent area of the room, or accentuating the home with wood furniture. You can also decorate your wood floors with rugs instead of contrasting colors. 

Going with neutral and warm colors in shades of blue, green, and browns helps the room look and feel calming too. 


Tug into Your Sense of Smell  

Scented Candles

With just a whiff of a relaxing aroma, our brain works wonders and transports us into a time full of happy memories. This is why adding soothing fragrances, such as scented all-natural candles, is a good way to make a space therapeutic.  

Candles take so little space in your home but when lit, they can easily envelop the whole area with a relaxing scent—allowing us to drift away from the usual noise of the city. 

We recommend going for a scent that reminds you of certain moments in your life to trigger the happy hormones.  


Room to Move  

Spacious Area

The home should feel like a sanctuary, not just mere storage for all your stuff. 

Another foolproof way to make your home relaxing is making sure there’s enough room to move around. Having enough space for movement keeps your home traffic flow as seamless as possible—no more bumping on furniture!  

A spacious room also lets more light in, making your home feel brighter and airy.  

And the best part out of having ample space is there’s more room for your visitors to mingle and play around. Now, your home isn’t just therapeutic, but also an inviting and fun place to stay in for your guests. 


Decluttering is Next to Calming 


Remember: the goal here is to transform your space into a comfortable and therapeutic home—not to make it an extension of the bustling cities. Keep your home organized and clutter-free to achieve a calming effect beneficial for both homeowners and visitors. 

When we speak of decluttering, we mean maintaining cleanliness and convenience. Make sure to keep your things in their right places according to how often you use them. This avoids losing track of the most-used and important items in your home. And in the long run, reduces your stress in looking for things you need.  

If you have limited space, try adding storage boxes where you can keep the things you need but seldom use. We suggest going with a design that matches your home’s overall theme so they can double as decorative pieces. 


Go with Functionality  

Living Room Design

Maintaining a functional design is a great therapeutic home decorating idea. Think of the people you live with and how they use certain furniture at home.  

If your family likes having guests come over, place the couch and chairs facing each other to encourage conversation. And if your mom, for example, likes watching television in the living area, consider placing an ottoman nearby for her comfort. 

By assessing the functionality of your things and how everyone at home interacts with them, you can create a harmonious space for the whole family. 


Keep it Comfortable  

Cozy Bedroom

Prioritizing comfort poses major improvements to one’s health and mindset. People who live in a cozy, comfortable environment tend to be happier and more energetic. This is because a home like this is a place that allows them to freely re-charge.  

Come home to a therapeutic and relaxing space by adding cozy linens, squishy pillows, and soft rugs.  

Either in your bedroom or living area, place an oversized, stuffy chair that is inviting enough for you to sit and curl up with a book, coffee, a journal, or maybe a crafting hobby. 


Keep the Things You Love in Sight

Candles on Display

Rule of thumb: always go with what makes you happy. 

Decorating your home with the things you love is another way to trigger those happy hormones and reduce stress. If candles and decorative candle tins make you happy, then, by all means, put them in the open! With all the designs available, we’re sure you can find the tins that fit your space.  

One tip though, make sure to arrange them properly around the room to avoid having them cluttered all over. Stack them neatly on top of your shelves or as table centerpieces—this is entirely your call! 


In Conclusion 

A house only starts to feel like home when you get a sense of relief and satisfaction upon entering. That surge of comfort and happiness begins to overflow when you know it’s a haven for you and your family. 

Therefore, for a sweeter and stress-free home, keep these therapeutic home decorating ideas in mind when designing your living space. Because after hearing all the noise of the day, you deserve quiet retreat 

3 DIY Candles You Should Try for National Crafts Month

We’re in for a whole month of creating, DIY-ing, and creating some more because we’ve just entered March, the National Craft Month! We’re at that time of the year again when all artists and artists at heart reconnect with their creative side and start crafting.  

This is the perfect time for you to try something new – candle-making from scratch!  

Before you panic and think that it’s a ton of hard work to make candles, we got your back here at Hearts & Crafts. Let’s make DIY candles in a fun and easy way that even beginners will have no problem following through.  

Are you ready? Here are three candle-making ideas from scratch you can try right at this instant!  


1. Mother nature approved: Soy wax candle  

For your first-ever DIY candle making journey—and for the next to come—try going for environmentally friendly ingredients such as soy wax.  

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a lot cheaper than soy but is more harmful to nature. Soy wax, on the other hand, is 100% natural and acquired from vegetable soybean.  

Aside from its all-natural properties, soy wax candles burn longer and are good candles for the dining area, too. Paraffin candles release chemicals that intervene with your food aroma. With soy wax candles, you won’t have to worry about this. You can enjoy your candlelight meals in peace.  


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural soy wax flakes 
  • Candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 
  • Fragrance oils (optional) 
  • Candle dye (optional) 


Get this from H&C Soy Wax Candle Making Supplies. 


2. Aromatic, organic: Palm Wax Candle 

Next on our list of DIY candles worth a try is a palm wax candle. Palm wax is derived from palm trees making it 100% natural and organic.  

The usual melting point for palm waxes is approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit—higher than soy and paraffin waxes. In line with this, palm waxes tend to be more aromatic. Go for a palm wax candle kit if you want to make candles that preserve their scent for longer periods.  

Another thing to love about palm waxes is their unique texture. During your DIY candle process with palm wax, you’ll notice crystallizing patterns forming on the candle surface. These patterns will be more apparent and beautiful once cooled down. And since it’s generally a hard wax, palm wax candles tend to be sturdier and can be used to create pillars and container candles.  


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural palm wax flakes 
  • Pre-cut candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Fragrance oils of your choice 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 


Snag this from H&C Crystalline Palm Wax DIY Kit.  


3. Vibrant frost: Ice Wax Candle 

It’s beautiful, it smells good, and it is ice!  

Since you’re already on the road to trying new things this National Craft Month, go further and more experimental with ice wax for your next DIY candle project. Along with soy and palm, ice wax is also all-natural. So, if you want to bond over candle-making with your kids or friends, these waxes are all good choices because of their organic properties. 

Candles made from ice wax have frosty, crystalline patterns—giving the spectators some eye-candy snow show. And with the right dash of dye, ice wax candles are made even more beautiful and vibrant. 


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural ice wax 
  • Pre-cut candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Candle dye blocks of your choice 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 
  • Essential oils (optional) 


Get this from H&C DIY Ice Candle Wax. 


Start crafting! 


Candle-making isn’t so hard if you have the right tools and materials at your disposal. This National Crafts month, challenge yourself to gain a new crafting skill, try something new, and start creating with your hands. The best time to unleash your creativity is now. 

6 Fun DIY Hobbies for the Crafters at Heart

Looking for a hobby to satisfy your artsy appetite? Here are five different kinds, so there’s at least one for every type of artist. Whether you like to work with paint, yarn, wood, or even more unconventional mediums, the broad range of DIY hobbies is sure to have something for everyone.

1. Painting-by-Numbers

Create beautiful works of art, no matter what your skill level is! Paint-by-numbers is enjoyable and easy to do for people of all ages and personalities. You can paint in any art style, like deco art, animated illustration, or other.

Purchase a guide, which is an outline divided into sections according to color, or create your own. Recreate one of your favorite photos by using an image editor to generate a paint-by-numbers version. Make paintings that are meaningful, like one of your pet, your loved one, and sceneries that you love.

2. Candle Making

There’s something to be said about practicing a craft with deep meaning rooted in centuries of history. While the more traditional candles are still in use, candle art has blossomed in recent years. Now you can find candles in all shapes and sizes.

It does involve high heat, so only take up this hobby for older children and up. Ideally, kids and teens should have adult supervision throughout the process. Results can be very satisfactory, and accidents efficiently prevented if you follow a guide and do your research.

3. Knitting

Stereotyped as an “old person’s activity,” younger generations often miss out on the beautiful benefits of knitting. The first is getting to work with fabric. If you dream of creating your own clothes but you’re intimidated by the complex processes, this is a great way to build confidence. It also helps improve your finger dexterity and motor skills so you can work with fine threads and thin needles.

Second, you get to add to your wardrobe at minimal cost while being able to customize your pieces, too! Third, they make great gifts that will impress your friends. The last and best reason there is, you get to bond with your favorite person in the world—grandma! She just can’t wait to spoil you with food and love. Now you have the very reason to let her. She’ll be the happiest.

4. Woodworking

For those who take pleasure in seeing nature become art and even double as functional pieces for the home, woodwork is calling your name. The range of woodwork is broad, from little figures to wall art to furniture.

Even when creating small items, caution needs to be taken. Depending on what you’re creating, the tools and equipment necessary will vary. However, all can be dangerous, so they should be handled very carefully. The bigger the piece of wood you’re dealing with, the more dangerous and complex the equipment you’ll be working with.

5. Soap Making

It’s a hobby made for self-care enthusiasts! Champion the value of loving yourself by creating soaps that were specially made to dote on your skin. Start with a simple soap recipe like making one from milk. Get the same moisturizing treatment that makes bath time a treat for a fraction of the price of a store-bought one. It’ll also boost your pride and sense of fulfillment.

Once you’ve grown familiar with the process and several ingredients, you can make presents for your friends and family! Imagine the joy they’ll feel when they receive a specialty soap crafted with them specifically in mind. Now that is a thoughtful gift.

6. Sketching

One great advantage is you don’t need special equipment. With just a pen, a sketchbook, or any paper, and an eraser, you can start sketching right away! You would need to research to learn proper techniques. With time and dedication, you can make lifelike drawings of everyday objects, such as an apple, the standard beginner step of every trained artist, to landscapes, to hands and people.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like the comfort we find in the art that fits our personality but venturing outside those predefined limits gives a different sense of fulfillment and excitement. It’s like traveling to a country you’ve never been to before and discovering a new part of you during the journey. Found a new hobby that sparks your interest? Time for that new journey!